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32 Inch LED TV32 Inch LED TV

32 Inch LED TV

  • Product Item : FA3208
  • Category: 32 Inch LED TV
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  • TV,VGA,HDMI,AV,USB function
  • Grade A panel
  • High solution display
  • One year warranty
  • Product description:32 Inch LED TV
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◆32inch 16:9 original PANDA brand NEW panel ,LED back light,high resolution display.
◆Built-in stereo speaker 8Ω10w*2,with earphone input.
◆With AC 100-240V,50/60Hz input.
◆Video System : PAL/SECAM/NTSC,Sound System : D/K  B/G  I  M/N.
◆With full functional infrared remote control.
◆With TV*1,USB*1,Earphone*1,PC IN*1,AUDIOR,AUDIOL,VIDEO*1 ,HDMI*1,DC IN*1.
◆The best resolution is 1920*1080, refresh frequency is 60HZ.
◆Menu have nine lanagues for choice.
◆Contrast ratio: 1500:1 ; Brightness: 500cd/m2; Viewing angle:178degree; Power consumption : less than 200w.
◆Solution: V59.



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